Every Graduate Student Needs to Know about Digital Marketing

Right now you’ve most likely heard the hype of the digital marketing skills are in serious demand and the digital skills gap is arranged to grow, the job market is booming and brands are placing extra of a focal point on digital marketing than ever earlier than.Greater spending plans, expanded pay and more vacation decision are quite recently a portion of the advantages advanced promoting experts can forecast this year and the past.


Digital Marketing applies to almost all the business sectors in India. Some of the applications of E-Marketing are shopping and order tracking, online banking, payment systems and content management.

Traditional media isn’t going anywhere (though there are some real concerns about the future of print). But television and radio are safe and thriving. There’s no lack of brands who have to promote dollars reserved for television and radio. On account of the Super Bowl, the cost of poker keeps on rising.

Digital marketing industry in India is a booming career today. In a country with a rapidly growing economy, it is expected to have a very high significant growth in Digital marketing career. The growth in the digital marketing trends is making a very substantial impact on marketing and advertisement.

“As per the Internet live stats Statistics Number of Internet users – 462 million in India & 3.67 billion users in the world, equaling 50% penetration.”

I would say the demand for digital marketing will grow and will have better opportunity’s as the time progress due to following reasons.

#1: Growth in Indian Internet Users

India-internet-usersIf you consider this for the Indian market, as of 2016 in India we have got 46 crore users already online. This number is growing at very fast pace. This is 38% penetration in India. So you can see clearly as more users get connected the demand will further increase.

If you look at global data the users base is increasing rapidly.

#2: Millennials Use Internet More

Most of the Millennials are always hooked to their smartphones, most of them have an account on FB, Twitter, Instagram etc. Which makes it’s effective to target these large group of audience.

#3: Customized Targeting


One of the main reason of digital marketing growth is to contact your audience with very specific personal/educational/professional details as per their profile information.



#4: No Specific Educational Background

This, in my opinion, is the biggest testament to the democratization that digital media has brought into our jobs market: that you don’t need a specific set of qualifications to be able to pursue digital marketing. Your passion, not qualification, matter. The best part is you don’t have to begin your career from scratch if you want to make it big in the business. All you need is passion.

#5: Job Growth: Digital Marketers are in Demand


Most of the companies are shifting their marketing strategies to digital marketing, increasing their digital marketing budgets and growing their digital marketing teams is helping in increasing demand for the industry. According to Indian Express report, around 85 % of the marketers are tracking their revenues through digital marketing.

“The report by the International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation revealed that summarized that India is getting to see the golden period of the Internet sector between 2013 to 2018 with extraordinary development openings and mainstream development appropriation for E-Commerce, Internet Advertising, Social Media, Search, Online Content, and Services relating digital marketing.”

#6: Current entry level salary in digital marketing fields in India?

The Average Pay scale Salary for an Entry Level or fresher Digital Marketing Executive is around 3.5L to 4.5L Per annum.Companies pay well in metropolitan areas because there is much demand for technology and people have used the internet in daily. The salary will be normally below 3.5 if you are fresher with little bit knowledge in the Digital Marketing field.

It is one of the primary players that are shaping the future of marketing. “Gartner study states that 28% of marketers say they’ve reduced their traditional advertising budget to fund digital marketing activities. So, yes the future is very bright for digital marketing.”


I hope this article helpful to every graduating student who is struggling to choose the right career. If you think that you are made to become a digital marketer, go ahead with it! All the best!





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